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We continue in our effort to provide the best options for security, whether you are here or away for brief or extended purposes.  When notified of an absence, the Roving Patrol at Las Campanas will check the exterior of your property daily.  He/she will report anything unusual to your contact person or call 911- whichever is appropriate.  As with all other patrol functions, this is an "observe and report" service. 

If you would like the Roving Patrol to include your property in its rounds, please fill out the Vacation Form and return it to the gatehouse.  You may also drop the completed form off at the Gatehouse or you can email the form to or or fax it to (505) 820-6852. 

Click here to fill out the Vacation Form online.  To download a copy of the Vacation Form, click here.

To place on hold or cancel the newspaper, mail or trash service, please click on the links below.
Santa Fe New Mexican
Albuquerque Journal
USPS Hold Mail
USPS Forward Mail
Waste Management of New Mexico
(505) 473-0982
MCT Waste, LLC
(505) 345-8651
Ibarras Trash Service
Office: (505) 471-0073
Cell: (505) 470-3893


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LCOA Toll-free number:  855-820-7220

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