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Volunteers Needed to Serve on the Committees
December 28, 2020
Committee member's terms are limited, and we have a number that will be leaving the Governance Committee as well as the Community Affairs Committee when the Board appoints committee members at their next meeting on January 27th.  A while ago, we asked for volunteers to serve on the Covenants Committee and received a strong response.  If you would like to volunteer, please send an email to  To learn about these committees, below are the descriptions of their activities as stated in the Board of Directors Manual.  Committee member terms are one (1) year, and appointed/re-appointed annually and may serve no more than six (6) years in any seven (7) year period.
The Governance Committee shall ensure compliance of the Master Association, the Board of Directors and its Committees with the Governing Documents and the overall governance of the Master Association. The committee shall review all proposed changes to the Governing Documents and policies of the Master Association and make recommendations for approval to the Board of Directors.  From time to time the committee, at its sole discretion may recommend to the Board of Directors changes to the Governing Documents.
The Community Affairs Committee shall communicate,  plan, and, where advisable or necessary, coordinate action with our Members and individuals, entities and groups external to Las Campanas to further the aims of the Master Association and protect and enhance the interests, assets and quality of life of the Members and other residents (“Neighbors”) located within the area covered by the Las Campanas Master Association Registered Organization (the “Neighboring Area”). The external parties may include, but are not limited to, individual residents, homeowners’ and condominium associations, and public and private enterprises located within or adjacent to the Neighboring Area, governmental officials, government entities and the media. The committee’s scope and authority will be to address matters or concerns of common interest with our Neighbors and, where advisable, to use the principle of unity to further the goals and interests of the Master Association and the Members that coincide with those of our Neighbors. At the direction of the Board, the committee will be both proactive and participative. In furtherance of this purpose and scope, the committee will endeavor to maintain current contact and communication with our Neighbors or their representatives and will host at least one meeting annually with our Neighbors to 1) make certain that it and they are aware of any actual or potential concerns or, alternatively, opportunities for beneficial or desirable developments, improvements, or repair conditions within the Neighboring Area and 2) if desirable, organize a cooperative effort  to address them. The committee should also organize or participate in other such meetings and cooperative efforts with our Neighbors, when advisable or necessary to address exigent circumstances or otherwise act timely to concerns or opportunities for coordinated action.
UPDATE on Coronavirus (COVID-19)
January 20, 2021 Update
Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham announced a new framework for opening the New Mexico economy on a county-by-county basis.  This "Red-to-Green" framework allows counties that qualify to improve their standing and therefore further ease restrictions.  Presently, all counties in New Mexico with the exception of Union county (yellow) and Harding county (green) are the most restrictive (RED). Changes to the emergency health orders went into effect on Wednesday, December 16th.  
To view the full revised Public Health Order, click December 15, 2020 Emergency Public Health Order  
The Las Campanas Master Association Administration office will remain closed.  We will continue to operate, but with additional restrictions under the latest emergency health order.  We are limiting exposure by allowing staff to telecommute, although some staff will be in the office during normal business hours (8 am to 5 pm - [Friday 'til 4:30 pm]).  We cannot allow any member of the public in the offices.  If you need services, we will need to arrange to do so outside of the building.  We will have a reduced number of administrative staff on site to ensure the normal operations continue, but we will rely on your emails or phone messages to communicate and reply to your concerns.  Security and Paramedic Services will remain and operate as normal.  Maintenance and Operations will continue, although to help adhere to the order, staff will be staggering schedules to avoid mass gathering.
The New Mexico Department of Health has submitted a draft plan to the CDC on administering a COVID-19 vaccine or vaccines.  To read about the plan click Vaccine Information.  The state is also accepting pre-registrations to receive the vaccine.  To learn more and to pre-register, click Vaccine Registration.
As of today, there have been 165,835 confirmed cases in New Mexico as determined from 2,185,009 tests.  There have been 11,280 total hospitalizations and 605 individuals are currently hospitalized in the state for COVID-19.  89,756 are reported as "recovered". There have been 8,619 confirmed cases in Santa Fe County.  There have been three thousand and nine (3,009) deaths reported in New Mexico that are related to COVID-19 - ninety-nine in Santa Fe County.  
News and developments are fluid.  We are encouraging people to check on the appropriate websites for the latest and most reliable information:
Santa Fe County website for COVID-19:  SF County COVID-19
New Mexico Department of Health: NMDOH COVID-19
New Mexico Department of Health: County Specific Data
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:  CDC COVID-19
We will keep you informed.
Update Regarding Proposed Development on 44 Acres Along Camino La Tierra
November 23, 2020
The proposed development to build 64 casitas on 44+ acres along Camino La Tierra has taken a blow in the recommendation by the Hearing Officer to reject the proposed re-zoning needed to allow the development to proceed.  On July 9, 2020 a large contingent of neighboring residents and representatives (including a significant number from Las Campanas) took part in the virtual meeting before the Hearing Officer of the Santa Fe County Land Use Administrator.  Hearing Officer Virtue recommended not allowing the change to the current zoning.  
To read the Recommended Order of the Hearing Officer, click Hearing Officer Order
While this is a significant blow to the development proposal, it is not the end.  The next step will be before the Santa Fe County Planning Commission.  They can accept the recommendation or make a different ruling.  So far, the applicant has chosen not to go forward with opportunities to present to the Planning Commission.  When and if they go before the Planning Commission, it would subsequently be heard before the Board of County Commissioners which will make the final decision.  We will keep you informed.
Living with Wildlife in New Mexico
As if 2020 wasn't unusual enough, there are reports of increased wildlife activity - particularly with coyotes.  In speaking with animal control agencies, they are reporting an early birthing of gophers and other rodents.  This may be a contributing factor for increased coyote activity as small mammals are their primary food source.  The drought we are experiencing is a major contributor to increased encounters with wildlife.  This time of year typically produces increased wildlife activity as winter approaches.  While coyotes are the most visible, it is not uncommon for cougars (mountain lions) and bobcats to become more aggressive at this time of year.
We are hearing reports of encounters with coyotes resulting in attacks on household pets. It is unusual for coyotes to be aggressive towards larger animals such as dogs, but they can be if presented with the opportunity, or if they feel another animal may be encroaching on their prey.  Please take precautions to protect your pets.  Coyotes have no trouble scaling most walls.  Just last weekend a Las Campanas owner’s dog was attacked and killed by a coyote. Thought safe inside a five foot tall wall by grieving owners, their dog became easy prey for a coyote that easily leaped the barrier.  Pets are always safest on a leash.  If not they are easy prey.  Bring pets inside at night.  If they must stay outside, confine them in a kennel with a secure roof.  To learn more about the wildlife in our area, please read Living with Large Predators, a publication of the New Mexico Department of Fish and Game.