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UPDATE - Substantial Road Maintenance Continues
September 16, 2020 - UPDATE 
The crews from IPR are nearly caught up after the weather delays we had a week ago.  They will be completing Phase 2 of the project and have provided us with the schedule for Phase 3, which will run from Monday, September 21st through Tuesday, September 29th .  There will be a Phase 4, but those schedules will depend on any additional delays, so we will publish those when we get closer.
The third phase will include finishing the Pojoaque Ridge entrance of Estates III Unit 1, the entry to Club Estates, the southside of Thundercloud in Estates IV, Silver Mesa, Estates I and Estates II.  Estates I and II will be completed in phase 4, but most of the roads are in this phase.
To view the day-to-day mapping of the progression, click:
Please note that different sections and different sides of the street may be done on varying days.  This is to accommodate residential vehicle use as much as possible.  Road closures will be avoided.  Traffic control will be in place.  In some cases, such as in cul-de-sacs, temporary road closures will occur.  This is to allow the safety of the workers during the use of the specialized equipment.  This surface will dry quickly (less than 90 minutes), so interruptions should be limited.  We will keep each estate up-to-date on any scheduling changes that may occur.
UPDATE on Coronavirus (COVID-19) August 26
September 24, 2020 Update
Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham announced changes to the emergency health orders, which went into effect on Saturday, August 29th.  Those changes include:
  • Houses of worship may operate at 40 percent of maximum occupancy of any enclosed building, an increase from 25 percent, in accordance with COVID-Safe Practices. Houses of worship may, as before, conduct services outdoors or provide services through audiovisual means.
  • Food and drink establishments (including restaurants, breweries, wineries, distillers, cafes, coffee shops or other similar establishments) may provide indoor dining service at 25 percent of maximum occupancy, in accordance with COVID-Safe Practices. 
  • Food and drink establishments may continue to provide outdoor dining options, carryout and delivery services, in accordance with COVID-Safe Practices. Tables – inside or outside – must be spaced at least six feet apart, and no more than six patrons are permitted at a single table.
  • The size of permitted mass gatherings has been increased from no more than four (4) individuals in a single room to no more than ten (10). 
To view the full revised Public Health Order, click August 28, 2020 Emergency Public Health Order  
The Las Campanas Master Association Administration office will remain closed as the mass gathering restrictions are still in force. However, we will continue to operate.  We are limiting exposure by allowing staff to telecommute, although some staff will be in the office during normal business hours (8 am to 5 pm - [Friday 'til 4:30 pm]).  The Association would like the cooperation of the community to reduce exposure to residents, guests and staff.  We will have a reduced number of administrative staff on site to ensure the normal operations continue, but we will rely on your emails or phone messages to communicate and reply to your concerns.  Security and Paramedic Services will remain and operate as normal.  Maintenance and Operations will continue, although to help adhere to the order, staff will be staggering schedules to avoid mass gathering.
As of today, there are 28,224 confirmed cases in New Mexico as determined from 885,373 tests.  There have been 3,402 total hospitalizations and 66 individuals are currently hospitalized in the state for COVID-19.  15,825 are reported as "recovered". There are 959 confirmed cases in Santa Fe County.  There have been eight hundred and fifty-nine (859) deaths reported in New Mexico that are attributable to COVID-19 - six in Santa Fe County.  
News and developments are fluid.  Posting updates here would likely be "old news", so we are encouraging people to check on the appropriate websites for the latest and most reliable information:
Santa Fe County website for COVID-19:  SF County COVID-19
New Mexico Department of Health: NMDOH COVID-19
New Mexico Department of Health: County Specific Data
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:  CDC COVID-19
We will keep you informed.
Update Regarding Proposed Development on 44 Acres Along Camino La Tierra
September 18, 2020
The proposed development to build 64 casitas on 44+ acres along Camino La Tierra has taken a blow in the recommendation by the Hearing Officer to reject the proposed re-zoning needed to allow the development to proceed.  On July 9, 2020 a large contingent of neighboring residents and representatives (including a significant number from Las Campanas) took part in the virtual meeting before the Hearing Officer of the Santa Fe County Land Use Administrator.  At the end of the meeting, Hearing Officer Richard Virtue indicated he would have a report in two weeks time.  However, in these days of COVID-19 along with the complexities and shear volume of documentation to review, the report was only released on August 18th.
To read the Recommended Order of the Hearing Officer, click Hearing Officer Order
While this is a significant blow to the development proposal, it is not the end.  There are two more opportunities for the public to make their voices heard.  The next will be before the Santa Fe County Planning Commission.  The developer has stated they will not go before the Planning Commission in October.  When and if they go before the Planning Commission, it would subsequently be heard before the Board of County Commissioners which will make the final decision.  We will keep you informed.
New Phase in Design Review Approval Process
Las Campanas is experiencing a continuously increasing number of challenging design and construction projects as the market trend to more contemporary and complex designs for new homes.  This requires greater levels of consideration for compatibility with existing guidelines and sensitivity to the existing community.
The staff that administers the work of the Design Review Committee (DRC), in collaboration with the DRC have proposed, and the Board of Directors and the Developer have approved the implementation of a Conceptual Design Review phase.  This new phase will allow staff and the DRC to engage with Architects/Designers, Owners, and Contractors on projects far earlier in the process than has been done before, beginning with the insertion of a mandatory Conceptual Design Phase Review. This change will provide the opportunity to influence the course of a project while it is still financially feasible.
Conceptual Design is the proposed response the Designer/Owner wishes to pursue in response to site, program, budget, sustainability, Guidelines, and any other considerations that may inform the Project Brief. The “concept” is the design idea; the reason why the composition has taken the form and location on site that it has.
This will result in a restructuring of the fee table.  The total Application Fee will remain the same ($5000), but will be segregated into 3 phases:
$1000 at the time of submittal of plans for the new Conceptual Design Review
$2000 for the Preliminary Design Review  
$2000 for the Final Drawing Review
This new structure will take effect once can adequately notify our local design professionals with a target date of August 31, 2020.  For more information or questions, please contact Joseph Duda at or Banu Ogan at
Message on Safe Walking in Las Campanas
Many of us are walking more frequently because of restrictions during this Covid-19 pandemic. The last thing anyone or their family needs is injury from unsafe practices while walking for exercise or simply to get out of the house. Please remember and practice the following New Mexico Dept. of Transportation regulations and common sense rules while walking on roadways:
  • Always walk single file, facing oncoming traffic, on the left or “wrong” side of the roadway. This way you will see oncoming traffic in advance and can make eye contact with approaching drivers. On the other side, you never know who or what is sneaking up on you.
  • Walk as close to the shoulder of the road as possible to give cars room to safely pass by you.
  • If there is a sidewalk or hiking trail adjacent to the road, USE IT. You won’t have to worry about what side to walk on (although you should keep an eye out for bicycles) and there is much less chance of a near brush with a vehicle.
  • Above all, get out and enjoy our beautiful landscapes here in Las Campanas and STAY SAFE with both your walking procedure on roadways and with recommended social distancing.
Special thanks to Kimberly Lowe for bringing this issue to the attention of the Safety and Security Committee.
Addendum to Safe Walking Notice:
Many thanks for the comments regarding our recent safe walking message. As several of you pointed out, there are other important components to this message for vehicle operators:
  • Please respect speed limits. With our hilly and curving roads, it’s easy to come upon walkers suddenly and high speed makes avoidance dangerous for both walkers and drivers.
  • Obey traffic signs. STOP means STOP, not slow down and accelerate or glance in either direction and blow on through. Crosswalk signs are a reminder to slow down and be aware of pedestrians and golf carts. YIELD is another indication to slow down and increase your awareness.
  • Above all, be courteous and attentive. No appointment or destination is so important as to put others at risk.
It’s nice to go for a relaxing drive and GET OUT OF THE HOUSE for awhile, but please remember we share the roads with walkers and bicyclists and motorcyclists and respect for all is just common sense. Thanks for listening.