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UPDATE - Substantial Road Maintenance Continues
Project Overview
Beginning in mid-August, a major road resurfacing project will take place in a majority of Las Campanas.  The project will take 8 weeks to complete, depending on weather or any other unforeseen delays.  This project will include:
Estates I
Estates II
Estates III unit 1
Estates III unit 2 
Estates IV
Estates V unit 2
Estates V unit 3
Silver Mesa
Club Estates
Ranch Estates 
Clubhouse Drive
Lower Trailhead Drive
Administration Parking Lot
The project will begin in each estate with cul-de-sacs as this requires equipment with a smaller turning radius.  Then it will move through the estates in an orderly fashion.  We will update everyone frequently through the length of the project so everyone knows what to expect and when.  There will be intermittant road closures, but the duration should be limited.  Except for cul-de-sacs, the surface will be applied on one side of the road first, allowing vehicular traffic to use the other side of the road under traffic control.  Cars exiting driveways will be allowed to cross the new surface within minutes of it being laid on the road, but be prepared for delays.  The crews will resurface one side of the street and move to another road and similarly do one side.  The new surface will be ready for traffic in less than 90 minutes.  In addition to our eblasts updating everyone, the crews will place flyers on the front doors of the homes on roads they will be doing next.  We will have ample notice of when the crews will move from one section to another so everyone can plan accordingly.  We will give the most advance notice we can, especially to crews working on homes under construction.
The roads in Las Campanas are maintained by the Las Campanas Master Association and are the single highest dollar value community asset.  Our maintenance staff, led by Director of Maintenance and Operations Larry Cox have done a great job of maintaining our roads over the years.  This was demonstrated in a comprehensive pavement evaluation study performed by the engineering firm of Bohannon Huston in 2017.  Overall, our roads are in very good condition due to our comprehensive maintenance program which included yearly crack sealing and patching, as well as applying sealant every 7-10 years - depending on the condition.  Our abundant sunshine plays a role in deterioration as does snow plowing in harsh winters.  Certainly, traffic volumes can accelerate wear and tear, particularly from heavy trucks.  In addition, we are going through somewhat of a building boom in Las Campanas, which adds to the traffic from vehicles of all kinds.  We need to take great care of this asset in order to avoid more costly repairs and repaving with new asphalt.
This year, the Association is taking steps to protect this asset by resurfacing with a Micro-Slurry product that will greatly enhance the appearance and longevity of our roads.  This product is new to Las Campanas and will add nearly a half-inch to the surface.  It isn't a typical sealant you may have become accustomed to seeing applied.  This product contains cement which will add to its strength and therefore have a longer life expectancy.  This extended life will allow us to amend our schedule of planned additional micro-slurry applications and especially full resurfacing with new asphalt.  The result will be less demand on reserve funds as we can amortize the funding requirements over a longer period of time.  This project will be funded with existing reserves identified for this project, and will not require any additional assessment.