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Las Campanas Owners Association Vacation Information Form
Please fill in the form below before traveling on vacation. When notified of an absence, the Roving Patrol at Las Campanas will check the exterior of your property daily.  He/she will report anything unusual to your contact person or call 911- whichever is appropriate.  As with all other patrol functions, this is an "observe and report" service. 

If you would like the Roving Patrol to include your property in its rounds, please fill out the below Vacation Form and press SUBMIT and the information immediately will be sent to the Las Campanas Security Gatehouse. 
You may also download the form (PDF) and save for future use. Fill out the form and drop it off at the Gatehouse, email the form to

For more information, contact the Gatehouse at (505) 820-6226 or toll free at (855)-820-6226.
Vacation Form