Las Campanas currently consists of 29 estates, or neighborhoods, generally consisting of 50-100 lots, most with custom homes. Estates I and II were the initial foundation of Las Campanas. The community remains under active development. The platted maximum number of lots in Las Campanas is 1717, of which slightly less than 1000 have been developed or are being held open by private owners to preserve their views or for future homesites.
Each estate has a unique character, many of which are governed by its own covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs) in addition to the master association governing documents. Becoming familiar with the CC&Rs pertaining to your estate is an important part of joining the Las Campanas community.
The plat for each lot designates boundaries and dimensions, the developable envelope, elevation contours and gradients. Plat maps also indicate utility and other easements, roads, and other important information. However, these plat maps are not updated and changes may have occurred. Always consult appropriate real estate, title, or legal experts to obtain the most current information before making any decisions.
For a current plat map for each Las Campanas lot you can contact Simón De Agüero of the Design and Review office at
Some estates bear only numbers, some only names, some carry both. The location of each of the Las Campanas estates may be found on the Las Campanas map.
Below are the covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs) for each Las Campanas estate.