Water Co-op

Las Campanas Water Coop
The Las Campanas Water Co-op is a nonprofit, independent entity, governed by its own elected board of directors. The LC Water Co-op is the sole provider of water for all estates in Las Campanas except Estates I and II, which are served by the county. The Co-op provides wastewater processing for all estates.
Water is a precious resource in our arid ecosystem. Conservation is a community-wide effort that we rely on for long-term sustainability.
The Water Cooperative's Administrative Office
13 Plaza Nueva, Unit B (map)
Santa Fe NM 87507
Emergencies or outages: 505-930-7155 during business hours; after business hours and on weekends, 505-395-9270.
For more information about the Las Campanas Water Co-op, water rates, water conservation, and other water-related information visit the Co-op's website.