Cheat Sheet of Tips for Living in Las Campanas

The Las Campanas Master Association (LCMA) is growing by the day, with more than 110 new residences under construction or in the design stage this spring. In addition, at least 50 homes have additions or improvements under way. With all that activity, we thought it might be a good time to remind everyone of why we chose to live here – and the rules that ensure Las Campanas stays beautiful, with pristine views and starry night skies. This is our “cheat sheet” of helpful information from the Master Design Guidelines, the CC&Rs, our bylaws and rules, all of which are posted on
Thinking of changing the outside of your property or want new landscaping? Any change to your lot or outside of your house must be approved by the LCMA.  This includes re-roofing, replacing stucco, new yard walls, even adding trees/bushes or removing them.  In addition, artwork, statuary and sculptures need prior approval.  If you have a question whether something needs approval, contact the LCMA.
Lighting is a major issue in Las Campanas. We are a dark-sky community.  All lighting for exterior areas, including landscaping behind courtyard walls, must be shut off by 11 p.m.  Unless you are expecting guests or returning home after dark, lights for driveways and parking areas must be off at all times. No solar path lighting is allowed and driveway lights cannot look like runway lighting. It’s a good idea, of course, to light your house number by the street for emergency services, but keep it at 20 watts. Holiday lights are allowed for a limited time. Watch the community emails for allowed dates.
Please don’t use our streets to see how fast your new car can go.  All streets with residences have a 25 mph speed limit.
All vehicles owned by residents shall be parked inside a garage with doors closed.  Guest parking areas are intended for guests.  There is a limit of seven (7) consecutive days for a guest in guest parking.  If your guest is staying longer, contact the LCMA for other options. Homeowners can temporarily use guest parking, but you should not park there overnight. If you are hosting an event that will require street parking to accommodate all your guests, notify Security at least 24 hours in advance.  RVs, trailers and other non-standard vehicles are allowed only for loading and unloading with no overnight parking allowed.  Review the Parking Rules for greater detail.
We live in the country, with coyotes and other wildlife often preying on pets. Pets must be on a leash if not on your lot. Clean up after your pet immediately.  The golf courses, including the cart paths, are private property and not part of the HOA common area.  If you are not a member of The Club at Las Campanas, you cannot walk your pet on the golf courses or cart paths.  If you are a Club member, check with the club for restrictions.
Freestanding fires are prohibited. Many insurance companies designate this part of the state as a wildfire area.  We have been fortunate that no fire has come close to Las Campanas.  But as a result, no burning of trash or yard waste is allowed and no fireworks may be set off in Las Campanas at any time.
Containers for trash and recyclables should be hidden from the road, common areas and your neighbors’ view. Take your bin out no earlier than the evening before pickup and bring in it promptly afterwards. The LCMA has an agreement with MCT Waste, with bills sent at the same time as LCMA dues. To sign up, contact the LCMA.  You can choose one of the other companies. (They bill direct.)
Garage sales, estate sales or yard sales are not allowed. No signs of any type are permitted, including political signs or real estate signs. You may post a small sign for your alarm company. 
Firearms may not be discharged within Las Campanas.
The LCMA provides 24-hour security with Paramedics and EMT's.  If you are having a medical emergency, call 911 and then Security.  When you are away on vacation or trips, security will also check your house daily and report anything of concern.  To request this service, complete the Vacation Form on the LCMA home page.
Every lot owner within Las Campanas is a member of the LCMA and is governed by its articles of incorporation, bylaws, a master declaration of covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs), policies and procedures. Please read them on the LCMA website,, The Master Governing Documents as well as Policies and Rules are under the Resources tab. Forms are under the Owners tab.
The LCMA also sends out regular eBlasts with current information.
Important numbers and email addresses:
Security  (505) 820-6226
Las Campanas Master Association
(505) 820-7220 or
General Manager
Kamarie Naase (505) 204-7836  or
Director of Community Standards and Design Review Services
Simón De Agüero (505) 204-7824 or
Community Standards Specialist
John McNew (505) 204-7837 or