Maintenance & Landscaping

The more than 20 full-time and seasonal staff of the Las Campanas Maintenance Department can be seen at work every day, in all kinds of weather, attending to tasks both visible and invisible that keep our community looking its best and functioning well.
The Maintenance Department has responsibility for all of the common area elements such as roadways, bridges, site signage, and entry gates—the portions of Las Campanas in which every owner has a stake. Because of this hardworking team, under the direction of Operations and Maintenance Director Larry Cox, trees get pruned, streets get plowed, median strips get their vegetation trimmed and replaced as necessary, repairs get made to all aspects of the Las Campanas infrastructure, damage from storms is attended to, and our well-deserved reputation as a visually compelling community is sustained.
The Maintenance Department team, headquartered adjacent to the main Association offices, wields an impressive array of equipment to complete its varied tasks. The inventory includes tractors, dump trucks, crack sealing equipment, snowplows, cinder spreaders, a road broom and countless small equipment for landscape maintenance such as blowers, mowers, and weed eaters.
It's almost impossible to be out and about in Las Campanas without encountering members of the maintenance team at work. Wave and say hi. They're helping us all to get maximum benefit from living in Las Campanas.