Safety & Security

The Las Campanas Safety & Security Department has an outstanding record of providing a secure living environment for Las Campanas residents. Its experienced team staffs the main gate, provides a 24-hour-a-day circulating patrol of the entire property, and responds promptly at any hour with a certified paramedic or emergency medical technician whenever there is a medical emergency reported within the Las Campanas community.
Safety & Security prides itself on the high level of courteous, responsive service that contributes to residents' sense of security and well-being.
Las Campanas is an unincorporated subdivision within Santa Fe County. Emergencies involving crimes are handled by the Santa Fe County Sheriff's Department. Fires and medical emergencies are responded to by the Santa Fe County Fire Department. In an emergency, both are reached by dialing 911, which is the Regional Emergency Communications Center (RECC) serving the county and the City of Santa Fe. RECC will dispatch the correct service. All calls to the RECC are also monitored by Las Campanas Safety & Security, which will also respond.
The non-emergency number for the sheriff and fire departments are:
Sheriff's office / Fire Department - 505-428-3730

Medical Emergency Services

In the event of a medical emergency, dial “911” from any phone in your home. Do not call Safety & Security or the Gatehouse first.
  • If you call from a landline, the emergency services dispatcher will know where the call is coming from and how to direct it.
  • If you are calling from a cell phone, ask to be connected to "Santa Fe County 911 service."
Las Campanas EMS officers and Santa Fe County paramedics will receive the call simultaneously and both will respond.

If you require any service that is not an emergency or medical nature, contact the Gatehouse: (505) 820-6226.

About Las Campanas Emergency Medical Services
When homeowners choose a more rural setting to buy or build their home, they often sacrifice access to expedited emergency health care. That isn't the case in Las Campanas. A call to 911 provides prompt access, 24 hours a day, to on-site, trained emergency responders equipped with state-of-the-art equipment in addition to the county's medical services personnel. 

Either a Las Campanas EMT-P (paramedic) or EMT-I (intermediate EMT) is on duty at all times. These highly trained personnel respond in a vehicle equipped with a monitor/defibrillator, airway equipment and a fully stocked emergency medical response supply kit.
Our personnel are capable of treating a wide range of conditions from general medical emergencies to more specific heart conditions, trauma, and accidents. They work in coordination and cooperation with the Santa Fe County paramedics who will also arrive on scene.

The team responds to calls at owners homes, The Club and Spa at Las Campanas (including the golf course), and the Equestrian Center as well as auto, bicycle and pedestrian accidents in the immediate area. The Emergency Response Team acts as a first responder, arriving at the home or facility within minutes and working with Santa Fe County to transport a person to an area hospital if necessary.

The program is directed by Edgar Billowitz, MD.

Security Tips

Safety is everyone's concern. By maximizing your own awareness and safety, you help make the entire community more secure. 
Here are a few tips to consider. 
  • Burglars look for an easy entry with accessible escape routes. Don't provide either.
  • Don’t openly display valuables that can be easily carried away.
  • Safety & Security cannot accept packages for you. If you are expecting a package delivery, make arrangements to divert the package to someone who can accept it for you or make certain someone knows to come by and pick up any delivery that is left outside your residence.
  • Burglars know to look for a hidden door key. There are many modern keyless lock systems, some with video options, that provide a more secure solution. If you have a key system, give a spare key to a trusted neighbor, family member, or caretaker.
  • Burglars prefer to enter through unlocked doors or windows. Sliding glass doors that are not secure can be seen from a distance.
  • Connect holiday lights to an outdoor outlet whenever possible. Extension cords that are run through a window or sliding glass door prevent the window or door from being secured, giving easy access to burglars.
  • If you have an alarm system, always set it when leaving, even if you are just going nearby.
  • Stay vigilant and call Safety & Security immediately if you see any suspicious vehicles driving slowly through the community. Note the description of the vehicle and if possible provide us with a license plate number.
  • Be aware of vehicles “tailgating” or entering a gate improperly by following an owner/member through without stopping. If you see this happen, please call Safety & Security immediately with the vehicle’s description and direction of travel. Do not take any independent action by contacting the driver yourself.
Home Security Systems
Security systems have evolved considerably in the last few years. Many are now easily installed by homeowners, and provide access to continuous video monitoring of key areas as well as being linked to an outside monitoring service.
Owners are encouraged to use the security alarm/monitoring system of their preference. Las Campanas Safety & Security can be designated as a first responder to your alarm system, if you so choose. In order to do this, instruct your alarm company to call us at (505) 820-6226 or (505) 820-6332 after the sheriff has been notified of an alarm. Las Campanas Safety & Security will dispatch the officer on duty to your home. We will do a followup call to you or your designated contact person advising you/them that the alarm was activated and explain the incident.
Please note that
  • The security officer will not enter your home, and therefore cannot re- arm your alarm. A nearby contact person should have a key or the lock access code to your home.

Vacation Security

If you are going to be away from your home for longer than the day, you have the option of notifying Safety & Security so we can provide additional "observe and report" service. During their regular patrol, our circulating patrol officers will observe your property and report anything that appears to be of concern. Please note that our officers will not enter your property. They will report to you or your designated contact person anything that appears to be wrong such as a broken window, a door ajar, roof or other damage from a falling tree limb, an open gate, obvious signs of water leakage, etc.
To request this service, fill out the online form here.
When you plan on leaving your home unoccupied for an extended period, we suggest that you:
  • Stop your newspaper, mail and other regular deliveries. Alternatively, have a neighbor or caretaker pick up the papers and/or mail promptly every day.
  • Make certain someone is designated to bring in any trash cans left out for pickup when you depart.
  • Set your thermostat warm enough to protect your water pipes if you will be away during times of colder weather. We also encourage you to make use of the Water Co-op's free Eye on Water app to monitor your home for unusual water usage that would suggest a leak.
  • Note on the vacation form the name and contact information of a person we can call should a package be delivered to your home while you are away. Safety & Security cannot accept delivery of any packages.

Gate Access

Gate Access 
Las Campanas is a gated, controlled-access community. This is the foundation of our security as a community.
The gate system limits casual/unauthorized access, while providing several options for owners and their guests to gain access.
Gate access devices (proximity or "key" cards, and transmitters or "clickers") are available to owners in the management office located at 366 Las Campanas Drive. These devices provide access to all gates within Las Campanas. The charge for the proximity cards is $10 for owners. The charge for transmitters is $30 for owners. The transmitters require battery replacement about once a year, based on normal usage.
It is possible to obtain access devices limited to specific gates for household help, contractors, or other regular vendors.
There is an intercom, keypad, and card reader at each gate.
To use a proximity card to gain access, hold the card approximately one inch from the control reader (front or back of card). When the system grants access, the light on the reader will turn green and the gate will open. Do not leave the card on your dashboard or allow it to get wet; the internal microchip can be damaged by heat or water.
To use a remote transmitter to gain access, simply press the button on the transmitter, listen for a responding tone from the system, and the gate will open.
Expected guests should be directed to enter Las Campanas via the visitor lane at the gatehouse on Las Campanas Drive. They will be asked who they are visiting and should be prepared to provide your name and address. When they reach the gate to your estate, they have the option of finding you on the alphabetical directory and entering your four-digit code, which will automatically call the phone number registered to you at the management office. You can then speak with the person to confirm who it is (one minute, maximum) and admit them by touching "9" on your phone and hanging up.
The alternative option is for your guest to dial "0555," which will connect them by intercom to the gatehouse. The security officer at the gatehouse will open the gate remotely after again confirming the guest information. 
If you are having an open house or other event with a large number of guests, it is possible to create a limited-time access code. This temporary code will be put into the system for use by the owner’s guests. Guests can punch in the “#” sign and the four digit code and the gate will open. The code will be date and time sensitive based on the information you provide. The code will be deleted following the function. Owners should contact the management office at (505) 820-7220 or in person to request a temporary code.
We strongly recommend that this code not be published or otherwise publicly distributed, for obvious reasons. In most cases where a large number of unknown people are expected, the best practice is to provide event information to the management office which will forward it to the gatehouse, along with an access code to be used for a set time period.

Pet Safety

Safety and security of their pets is of great importance to the many Las Campanas homeowners who share space with a dog, cat or other permitted pet.
Pets are not allowed to roam off-leash except within your property. On occasion, animals do decide to go missing. We offer the following tips:
  • Make certain your pet is micro-chipped, licensed (when required) and tagged so you can be quickly notified when he/she is found.
  • If you discover your pet missing, immediately notify the Las Campanas Master Association office (505.820.7220). They will advise Safety & Security so our patrol officers can be on the lookout for the escapee. After normal business hours, call the front gate (505.820.6226). If you are a participant in the Next Door online community bulletin board, post a notice there, as well.
  • Help your pet and yourself by filling out the online pet information form that is available here. That way, all the information we need is on file and can be accessed quickly.

Evacuation Plan

In case fire or other threat should require emergency evacuation of Las Campanas, it is important that traffic be distributed as evenly as possible. The evacuation plan and accompanying map provide the optimal routes for traffic exiting from each estate in Las Campanas.
We suggest that every resident think about what essential documents or other essentials to take, and know what route you will follow. Your personal safety is the highest priority. If ordered to evacuate, it's because there is an imminent threat. Do not delay.
With everyone's cooperation, a safe and efficient evacuation can be accomplished.
To communicate with the Safety & Security team, email Security directly at