Design Review

Welcome to Design Review
Design Review is a department and a process at Las Campanas. Both the department and the process exist to find the optimum balance between respecting the natural environment, respecting the aesthetic standards of the community, and enabling owners to have the built environment they feel suits their needs and dreams.
We live in a beautiful yet fragile ecosystem. Protecting it is of paramount importance. This means that taking into account terrain, drainage, vegetation, water consumption, and many other considerations is an integral part of the design review process. We seek to minimize the impact of each homesite, ecologically and visually, for the benefit of everyone.
The Design Review Committee wants to be as transparent, helpful, and encouraging as possible. Our goal is to be a contributing partner in your project, whether you are building a new home, adding on or modifying an existing structure, or undertaking a major re-vegetation project. We want Las Campanas owners to understand the possibilities as well as the limitations that apply to each project, and to work with us in helping create a sustainable future for Las Campanas.
The Design Review Process
The design review process differs in scope and timeline, depending on the type of project. We encourage you to consult with us informally if you are considering making any structural changes, adding external infrastructure equipment such as air conditioning or solar panels, or substantially altering vegetation. In many instances only an informal review by the Director of Design Review Services will be needed. In other cases, you will be asked to complete certain forms and await approval from the Design Review Committee.
Please plan ahead and make your request for review as far in advance as possible. While we make every effort to respond expeditiously, the volume of requests sometimes leads to delays. 
What Needs Design Review Approval?
The major categories of projects requiring Design Review approval are:
New Home Construction. Building a new home in Las Campanas is a dream come true. Doing so is a complex process involving you; your architect, contractor and landscape designer; and the Design Review Committee. It is a collaborative, cooperative process.
Many local architects are familiar with the rules governing structure design, lot building limits, and other considerations at Las Campanas. We encourage all architects to review the current CC&Rs for your Estate and the Design Review Committee specifications, since these do change.
Remodeling/Repair. Any alteration to an existing home potentially requires Design Review Committee approval. This can encompass anything from adding a casita or remodeling a kitchen to replacing a garage door or windows, as well as re-roofing, the application of new stucco or exterior paint, or construction of any walls.
Anything that has an external visual impact should be submitted for review, so we may confirm that it conforms to current guidelines for materials and colors, and to assure no adverse impact on nearby homeowners.
Equipment Installation. The installation of air conditioning, solar panels, and other externally-sited equipment requires a design review consultation. 
Landscaping. We live in a desert environment. If used judiciously, there is an adequate water supply for both domestic and thoughtful landscape use, but sustaining that supply means landscaping with native plants and grasses that can thrive with a minimum of irrigation.
Newly-built homes must submit a landscape plan that includes a water budget for both near- and long-term. This will be reviewed by a horticultural expert, and where necessary we will offer water-wise alternatives.
Those contemplating substantial revision of their existing landscaping should contact Design Review to determine if a formal plan is required.
Landscaping is both art and science. We encourage homeowners to consult with a landscape design professional so you can create a plan that is pleasing and water conserving. As you will see from our list of approved plants, there is a wide range of water-conserving vegetation offering a visually-appealing palette of colors and textures from which to choose.
Help Us Help You
The Design Review team exists to help in every way possible. We understand that at times what homeowners have in mind will come up against rules that have been designed to protect and enhance the entire community.
We want the design review process to be a cooperative one. We encourage you to inquire if there is any question about whether informal or formal approval is needed. The process has failed if we have to ask for removal or alterations because a project proceeded without a required review.