Structure/ Governance

Las Campanas is comprised of 29 estates (neighborhoods), each consisting of 5 to 181 lots. There are currently a total of 1,424 lots, some with residences more than 20 years old, others sold but as yet unbuilt upon. The maximum number of lots that will ever be sold in Las Campanas is 1717.
The naming convention is inconsistent. Initially, each estate was assigned a Roman numeral. This later gave way to designating estates by name. In some cases, estates with large numbers of lots were developed in phases, with either ".2, .3," "2-A, 2-B," or "Unit 1, Unit 2" appended to the estate name. In a few cases, estates have both a name and a numerical designation. See the full listing of estate names below.
Every lot owner is a member of the Las Campanas Master Association, and governed by its articles of incorporation, bylaws, a master declaration of covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs), and policies and procedures. The association is a New Mexico nonprofit corporation, though it pays taxes. 
Each estate, in turn, has its own additional covenants, conditions, and restrictions. These are a legally-binding set of terms that are part of the lot title. Although the CC&Rs are substantially similar among most of the estates, they do vary in some details and should be read and understood by each owner. In many cases, the CC&Rs have been amended over time, and these modifications should also be read and understood.
Early in the development of Las Campanas, the intent was for each estate to have its own governance, but this proved to be inefficient and administratively burdensome so the CC&Rs of the earliest estates were later revised to eliminate this provision. All governance is now through the Master Association and its elected Board of Directors.
Las Campanas remains a work in progress. Of the originally planned 1717 residential lots, about 300 are held by the current developer, Las Campanas Land Holdings. The developer has one designated (non-elected) position on the Board of Directors, and retains certain governance rights as long as it holds unsold lots.
The Las Campanas Board of Directors is the governing body of the Master Association. The Board oversees the operations and functioning of the Master Association in its mission and obligation to take proper care of the members' property (common areas) held in its name. It sees to the obligations of the Master Association and the Association's enforcement of the CC&Rs and Master Association rules. The Board is charged with preserving and maintaining the financial stability of the Master Association.
The Master Association is always striving to be the best it can be and operates with best practices in mind.  The Community Associations Institute ("CAI") is the leading organization in the world in providing information, education and resources to the homeowner volunteers who govern communities and the professionals who support them.  To learn of the cornerstones of the best practices supported by Las Campanas Master Association, click Good to Great
LCMA Board of Directors
The Board consists of eight elected directors and one designated (non-elected) member. Directors are elected for three-year terms. Each lot votes for Board of Directors candidates, whose current members and terms are shown below. There is no limit on the number of terms a director may serve. The Board meets quarterly, and there is a public portion of every quarterly meeting, open to all members.
Current Board members are as follows. Whether this is their first or second term, and the date their current term expires are shown in parentheses.
John (Jack) Campbell, President (10/24)
Ken Love, Treasurer (10/26)
Tom Van Berkem, Vice-President (10/24)
Robert Kiely, Secretary (10/26)
Cathy Booth Thomas, Director (10/25)
Susan Lyons, Director (10/25)
Joe Davis, Director (10/24)
Kari Saragusa, Director (10/26 
John Rizzo, Cienda/Las Campanas Land Holdings (designated director/developer)
If you would like to contact the Board of Directors, select "Board of Directors" from the dropdown menu on the contact form.

LCMA Board Committees

The Board's work is also carried out by numerous Board committees and subcommittees, that include:
  • Executive Committee
  • Governance Committee
    • Transistion & Turnover Subcommittee
  • Design Review Committee
    • Landscape & Maintenance Subcommittee
  • Covenants Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Human Resources Committee
  • Community Preservation & Enhancement Committee
    • Safety & Security Subcommittee
    • Strategic Planning Subcommittee
    • Sustainability & Technology Subcommittee
    • Community Lifestyle and Relations Subcommittee
Board committees include Board members and other members of the community who have expertise that facilitates a given committee's work. Appointment to committees is subject to Board approval.
Board and Committee work can be found on the Board & Committee Documents page.
Day-to-day operations of the Master Association are carried out by the General Manager and staff.

Estates Names and Sizes

Estates I (142 lots)
Estates II (156 lots)
Estates III (181 lots)
Estates IV (99 lots)
Club Estates/Estates V.1 (35 lots)
Estates V.2 (83 lots)
Estates V.3 (42 lots)
Estates VII.1 (46 lots)
Estates VII.2 (80 lots)
Ranch Estates/Estates VII.3 (27 lots)
Park Estates/Estates VIII (104 lots)
Pueblos (35 lots)
Silver Mesa (12 lots)
Los Santeros (66 lots)
Los Santeros Las Melodias (34 lots)
Los Santeros Puertas (8 lots)
Los Santeros Valverde (18 lots)
Los Santeros Villas (8 lots)
Los Santeros Villas Tract D-1 (17 lots)
Las Terrazas (31 lots)
Las Terrazas Phase 3 (45 lots)
Haciendas del Corazon (5 lots)
Black Mesa (24 lots)
Mesa De Oro (20 lots)
Estancias Unit 1 (25 lots)
Estancias Unit 2 (65 lots)
Tesoro Enclave (37 lots)