LCOA Staff

The Las Campanas Owners Association (LCOA) provides professional management of the administrative and other services that keep our community safe, secure, well maintained, and fiscally sound.
LCOA is governed by a Board of Directors, elected by the property owners. The Board sets policy and establishes procedures that are then executed on a day-to-day basis by the LCOA general manager and his/her staff. 
Your HOA staff includes:
General Manager
Chip Munday (505) 204-7836
Assistant General Manager/Controller
Mary Chacon (505) 204-7829
Director of Operations and Maintenance
Larry Cox (505) 204-7828
Director of Safety and Security
Herman Silva (505) 204-7830
Director of Community Standards and Design Review Services
Joseph Duda (505) 204-7824
Assistant for Design Review Services
Banu Ogan (505) 204-7826

Director of Administration
Danielle Kreitz(505) 204-7834
Senior Accountant
Connie LaRocca (505) 204-7827
Community Standards Specialist
Estevan Rael (505) 204-7837
Administrative Assistant
Lillie Archuleta (505) 820-7220
The LCOA offices are located at 
366 Las Campanas Drive
Santa Fe, NM 87506